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Pre-Marital Counseling

Strengthen your future marriage with counseling that addresses potential issues and improves communication.

Marital Mediation

Open and improve lines of communication along with developing guidelines that focus on lessening future conflict.

Divorce Mediation/Arbitration

Compassionate dispute resolution for balanced settlements, ensuring fair agreements and mutual satisfaction that meet religious conformity and state requirements.

Business Dispute Mediation/Arbitration

Resolve your dispute in a collaborative manner to address points of contention that arise in business dealings.

Khula/Talaq/Faskh (Islamic Divorce) Documentation

Documentation tailored for religious compliance.

Islamic Pre-Nuptial/Post-Nuptial Agreements

Strong agreement that will not only protect your assets but also protect your Mehr.

Med-Arb (Mediation - Arbitration)

Combines elements of both mediation and arbitration. This approach enables the parties to resolve the entire conflict outside the court.

Religious Consultation for Legal and Business Professionals

Ensure your professional dealing conform to religious values.

Organization (private/not-for-profit) Dispute Mediation/Arbitration

Mediation can help with disputes between co-workers, management and unions, boards, and clients. It can also help rebuild trust and establish working relationships.