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Reviews from Our Valued Clients

“We used IAMS for a meditation hearing and it was handled very professionally by both brother Larry Anthony and Imam Nadim Bashir. The facilitated the hearing by listening to both sides objectively while remaining neutral. Their advice & suggestion adhered to Islamic principles while maintaining the State Law requirements. Our case needed a quick processing of documents and brother Larry came through the next day after the hearing. Whether you are a Muslim or not, I highly recommend using their service for any arbitration or mediation hearing. They will be very fair in their dealings with both parties. Our case was based in a different state than Texas so you don’t have to be from Texas to use their service as they’re registered for other states in addition to Texas. They facilitated a Zoom meeting as we were not able to travel to Plano, Texas to meet them at the IAMS office.”
Malik Hussien
"Larry is a professional mediator that thinks outside the box. I will definitely be using Larry again for future mediations on my cases."
Razan Hamideh
"Larry and mufti nadim are excellent reconciliation moderator. They handle our case smoothly and we were able to resolve our case easily. We highly recommend other to contact them for divorce issues."
Furqan Azeez
"Shk. Nadeem and Mr. Larry have displayed the utmost professionalism, objectivity, and neutrality throughout the entire process. They patiently listened to us until we could share all the relevant information, and they diligently studied all the data for days. Additionally, they consulted with third-party experts since our case was quite complex. I highly recommend their arbitration and mediation services for anyone seeking to resolve their issues, attain a clear conscience, and reach a just and equitable settlement for all parties involved."
Adeel Sheikh
"I worked with Larry Anthony regarding my divorce meditation. He kept it professional, was responsive, and followed the Islamic guidelines. He helped make my legal and Islamic divorce process painless. I recommended the service to a friend of mine and she also had positive things to say."
"Both Imam Nadim and Brother Larry are very skilled in getting the parties to settle their conflict and mediate in good faith. I would highly recommend as they are thoughtful, it feels like they are personally invested in your case and they really care about you during the process."
"We had the pleasure of working with brother Larry from TLR ADR, LLC to prepare Islamic legal documents for us and were thoroughly impressed with their professionalism, knowledge, and attention to detail. From the moment we started, Larry was responsive and provided tailored advice to ensure our documents were in accordance with Islamic law and met our specific needs. They produced high-quality documents efficiently and with precision, giving us confidence that our legal affairs were in good hands."
Malik Hussien
"Thank you for all your efforts during a difficult time of my life."
Hussein Nasser
"Great pre-marital counseling service, would highly recommend."
Ahmed Khan
“Larry and Nadim were economical, fair, efficient, and committed. Sadly, I couldn’t come to an agreement with the other party, but Larry and Nadim understood my concerns and offered creative suggestions to help come to an agreement. They were sincere and that’s why I recommend them.”
Malik Hussien