Pre-Marital Counseling

Pre-Marital Counseling

Every person planning to embark on the journey of marriage hopes to find someone compatible with their nature and personality. Traditionally, parents and potential couples would never gauge their compatibility or assess how well they would connect with their significant other. Over time, we begin to see the consequences of this as the rates of divorce ramped up due to incompatibility issues. To address this social issue, the idea of pre-marital counseling begin to become mainstream. Though the word “counseling” has a negative connotation within the Muslim community, pre-marital counseling is nothing but a way to educate and address both husband and wife about crucial areas of marriage.

TLR ADR, LLC offers Pre-Marital Counseling. In this process, Imam Nadim will counsel the parents and the potential couple regarding the essentials of marriage and the process.

First, the couple will take an online assessment to gauge their compatibility and critical areas of a formal relationship.

Second, two in-person or virtual meetings will be scheduled. The first one is for the parents to explain the marriage process and answer any questions they may have. A second meeting will be scheduled with the potential husband and wife to go through the results of the assessment as well as explain other essential matters.

Some of the topics we will discuss because of the assessments are as follows

  • The concept of marriage
  •  Expectations in a marriage
  •  Abuse and its various forms
  •  How to express oneself (Physically & emotionally)
  •  Proper manners of communication
  •  Methods of conflict resolution
  •  Rights of both husband and wife
  •  Post marriage roles
  •  Living arrangements
  •  How to manage a relationship with their parents and in-laws post-marriage
  •  Religious compatibility
  •  Financial arrangements
  •  Post-marriage career goals or opportunities

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